OBITUARY - Rodney Sibuyi

Rodney Allan Sibuyi, age 51 of KuKula Traditional Health Practitioner passed away peacefully at his home at Share Village on the 2nd of February 2018. He was later laid to rest on the 10th  February 2018 . Rodney Joined the K2C in 2013 as an Environmental Monitor advocating for other Traditional Healers and promoting the Sustainable harvesting of Medicinal plants

Rodney was known for engaging with relevant stakeholders such as Department of Health, Department of Education and the Community in promoting the sharing of Indigenous Knowledge, He travelled the world sharing his knowledge as a Healer and learning from others.

He left behind a group of Traditional healers who are inspired by him to always look out for Nature and the Environment. The K2C has lost a Hero that can never be replaced a true ambassador to the Environment.

Rodney touched the lives of many people of different age and Ethnic groups, He was not reluctant to talk about his work and trying to close the gaps between Culture/Tradition and religion. He always said that everything and everyone comes from and belongs to God.” 


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