Kukula Traditional Healers Meet New Natural Justice Director

On the 4thof December 2018 the Kukula Traditional Healers committee members convened at Frank Maginyana High school to meet with the new management of Natural Justice (NJ) Pooven Moodley.
It was a much anticipated day as the team has experienced a lot of hardships this year with the passing of their CEO Rodney Sibuyi and the relocation of Director Cath Traynor who has been working with the Kukula for close to six years. Though It was not an easy transition the group is resilient and had to adapt to new situations.
The New Director of NJ Pooven Moodley was excited to meet with the team for the first time, they gave him a warm welcome and everyone is looking forward to working together. This strong commitment was followed by discussions around the Bio-Cultural protocol, how it is useful to them, the challenges around it and how would they want to improve it. 
The group also shared their long term aspiration with Pooven and the challenges that they come across as Traditional Healers. 
We are hoping for a long and fruitful partnership so that the traditional healers supported by K2C and Natural Justice can bring about change addressing injustice and the challenges faced when practicing as a healer. The partnership also aims to enhance their knowledge on sustainable harvesting practices through relevant workshops with other partners and stakeholders

Kukula Traditional Healers


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