Enabling Links to the Biodiversity Economy in our Landscape through the fRfR initiative

By Hope Morema

The K2C has attended its 5thHoedspruit Farmers Market under the fRfR(from the Region, For the Region) umbrella, supported by the K2C staff. The products sold at the farmer’s market have been produced by the local SMMEs, it has been a success since the fRfR initiative has started. The local SMMEs have made good sales and are appreciate the marketing platform they get at the Farmer’s Market. This positive feedback about the fRfR Initiative, inspired the K2C Team to help more of the local SMMEs. 

fRfR future plans 

The fRfRplan is to identify a further 8-10 local Small Business Owners/Co-Ops through the EM Network to support them with business skills and business mentorship training. Support with linkages to markets is key. ThefRfR initiative plans to partner with Nourish in enhancing a further marketing platform for the local SMME. Looking at the tourists visits statistics at Nourish, we believe that it will be a good marketing strategy for the fRfR to place the non-perishable produce from the local SMMEs at Nourish for the day to day selling of their products.


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