Our Landscape’s story of hope on 50/50!

Conservation South Africa (CSA)’s Mike Grover, in collaboration with Bertus Louw told an authentic story about our landscape in a documentary which was aired on SABC’s 50/50 programme on 9 September 2018. The story, called “Healing through Herding “, takes a landscape lens and contemplates how, historically, the migration of herbivores in the landscape from the drier savannah to the escarpment areas during the dry season contributed to eco system health. These migrations were halted through the erection of fences on the western boundary of the Protected Area system. This impacted negatively on the vegetation and its productivity. 
Through the eyes of Cliff, a K2C Herd Monitor from Dixie allocated to CSA, the ground-breaking work of CSA, as supported by the SANParks BSP bush thinning teams, were explained. This is a story of hope, where the reconciliation of three bottom lines of sustainability were told: The social, the ecological and the economic. The latter enabled through access to the meat market facilitated by CSA into the robust Eco-Tourism industry in the landscape’s. If you have missed the story you can catch up online at: 


For more info on the Peace Parks Foundation funded herding academy visit their facebook page - (https://web.facebook.com/herdingacademy). Training was provided by Conservation SA, the University of Pretoria, Department of Environmental Affairs #DEA


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