Active Citizenship for the Environment Training

Keneilwe Mmushi, who is charge of all the data submitted by the Environmental Monitor Programme, implemented through collaboration with the National Department of Environmental Affairs and SANParks, on Environmental Issues and Environmental Education Activities recently attended the African Climate Reality Project Workshop in Polokwane. Twenty-five Social and Environmental Organisations, comprising of Activists and Media personnel, took part in the workshop. The theme of the workshop was ‘’Engaging the Legislature to improve Environmental Governance’’.
The main objectives of the workshop were to equip active citizens with SMART strategies of holding the Government accountable, ensuring effective Governance as well as scrutinizing the new Climate Change Bill and engaging in public participation processes. The Workshop covered a wide range of topics; including public participation in the legislature looking into factors that make public participation meaningful, effective and inclusive. Practical exercises were done such as looking for ways to influence and monitor the budget of all spheres of Government through the Legislative cycle.
On the last day of the workshop, strategies for promoting sustainability and action plans for mitigating environmental issue were formulated. The principles and strategies acquired from the workshop are very key in resolving most of the environmental issues that have been identified and reported by the Environmental Monitors on the K2C landscape.
The Workshop Facilitator 


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