GIS Training for Partners!

AWARD Hosted a GIS (Geographic information system) training on the 5thand 6thof June at the AWARD Offices. The training was attended by K2C staff, DAFF, NRM Team and some of the Environmental Monitors. For most of the people who were attending, it was their first time being exposed to GIS.
On the first day, we did a theory part in the morning. We learned how to collect Data using an APP called MapIt. The APP is very user friendly and it reduces a lot of paper work and unnecessary mistakes when collecting Data in field. The MapIt APP was then interlinked with Google Earth Pro. This was done so that we can be introduced to Google Earth Pro and how it links with the MapIt APP. After the theory we went out to collect points that were later populated into Google Earth Pro. We also learnt how to create a map using Google Earth Pro. It seemed so difficult at first, but everything became so easy and doable after the practical we did. Anyone can use the APP because it only requires you to have a smart phone and later on work on your maps using the Google Earth Pro.
On the second day, we reflected on how everyone received the app and the challenges each one of us had. We explored more using the MapIt app using different methods of collecting data. We also explored more on Google Earth Pro using the tools to measure distance of features on the ground. The training was more relevant to the EMs because they work on the field and they need to report to the Data Capturer with relevant information and also the NRM Team because they work in the field and need to store their data for mapping. The whole experience was overwhelming.

We would like to show gratitude to AWARD for granting us the opportunity to attend the training and special thanks to the Slindile (AWARD), Reuben (AWARD), Nakisani (K2C) and Keneilwe (K2C) for the wonderful facilitation. 


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