Lekgalemeetsi Youth Eco Literacy Camp

The K2C team joined the first Youth eco-literacy camp that was held at Lekgalameetsi Nature reserve, hosted by AWARD on the 16thof June 2018.
The camp focuses on introducing youth to basic ornithology, particularly the importance of birdlife as an environmental biomonitoring indicator.
This was also a platform to introduce the youth to career opportunities in Biodiversity conservation such as Avitourism. 
On the day, Environmental monitors and youth from Lekgalameetsi communities were introduced to basic bird identification (and not taxonomy for now) so that they can get started in terms of developing emerging bird lists for Lekgalameetsi Nature Reserve and also outside areas where environmental monitoring is done. A special support for the day came from Mr Mike Kumako, who is a Birdlife Environmental Monitor. He brought his experience and knowledge which contributed to the reality of a successful career in Avitourism.
This camp linked very well with the role of EMS within the context of co-management at Lekgalameetsi Nature Reserve. With the 16thof June celebrated as Youth Day in South Africa, it was also incorporated in the camp where the youth spoke of the day’s relevance to their lives and how they are going to make a difference in their communities as youth members.


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